Saturday June 13, 2009 @ 19:08

Final time!!

What up!!

Had a super productive day here in Shanghai The tournament got out of the mud today and my half of the draw would play all the way from the last 32 until the finals.

I started vs another Taiwanese player and I found out they had tapped the balls. That meant special break time and broke and ran 7 racks in that match for 11-3. Then vs Shane van Boening in the last 16. Went up 6-0 with another bunch of break and runs. Shane came back to 5-8 but I ran out the set from there for 11-5

Vs Karl Boyes in the quarters. Very exciting match. The balls weren't freezing well on that table so had to search for a break. By that time it was 5-7 and Karl was playing well. I ran out a tough ass rack from there and was on my way ro run out the set for 11-7 with powerbreaks from the right, but missed an easy rail first on the 6ball. Was almost straight in so had to do something. Karl ran the next so we were 10-9 all of a sudden. He got the first shot in the next game but underhit the 6 to the 7 and went for the bank in the corner. Missed it and the 7 landed on the first diamond short rail and little of the rail. Qball paralel with the 1 and on the headstring. Had to bank it, made it and the 9 next

5 minute break and semi-final time. Crazy day, also a very strong airco system that is blowing constantly so for players wearing contacts it's real tough when you have a long day. Played a dude from Japan, who knocked out Jeffrey de Luna with 11-2 earlier on. Never seen him before but he fired them in till 1-3. Then he missed the 2ball out of nowhere and the match turned. I think he came back to the table twice from there. I made it 5-3, scratched on the break. He didn't run out, I won 2 more games or so and pushed out. He gave me a long 2ball, made it and ran the set out!! 11-3, felt great. Was steaming through the racks with banks and jumps

Have to prepare well tomorrow cause only one match at 5pm. Thorsten or another Japanese player. They play their semi in the afternoon.


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